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Term of Reference

Purpose of the African and Caribbean Leadership Consortium
  • To facilitate and support effective communication within and between African and Caribbean communities and organisations.

  • To support and deliver on the ethos of collective action and responsibility.

  • To enhance an agile, unified community approach and direction for the African and Caribbean communities.

Terms of reference

The objectives and goal of the NIACLC will include:

  • Consideration of how African and Caribbean leaders can work better together for more inclusive policy and decision-making processes in service provision.

  • Consideration for how African and Caribbean leaders can effectively contribute to an institutional reduction in discrimination, harassment and racism.

  • Promote better cross community relationships and understanding.

  • Increase civic involvement and participation at all levels.

  • Better collaboration and partnership work in addressing issues of common concern across the board. 

  • Membership of the NIACLC will include African and Caribbean individuals who are leaders of community organisations, initiatives, businesses, and from Academia.

  • The NIACLC will be initially chaired by the convener of the group with the aim of rotating the person on the chair within its membership. In the event that a member is unable to attend a meeting an approved representative may be delegated.

  • The consortium is a membership coalition and membership application will be approved by members of the consortium. 

Meeting Arrangement
  • Formal meeting of the NIACLC will be quarterly either in person or via Zoom. Members may volunteer to host and sponsor meetings in their geographical location.

  • Where there are urgent and emergency issues pertinent to the A/C community, more frequent or ad hoc meetings may be arranged or organised by the Chair of the group.

  • An agenda will be circulated for each meeting. Meeting notes will be recorded and circulated. Online meetings may be recorded and outcomes and actions from meeting will be followed up and implemented.

Following the COVID pandemic, the proposal for an African and Caribbean Leadership Consortium in Northern Ireland was initiated by Mr Alfred Abolarin, CDPB Fellow & Chair Migrant and Minority Think Tank in consultation with leaders from the African and Caribbean population. 

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