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To increase the number of people from migrant and ethnic minority communities active in politics

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A recent survey of migrant and minority ethnic individuals and organisations conducted by a CDPB Fellowship Programme Project Group found that 85 % of respondents believed that migrant and minority ethnic communities are under-represented in politics in NI. Over half of the respondents lacked confidence in their community successfully standing for election to council, the Assembly or Westminster.

The findings clearly highlight the need for action to improve the representation of migrant and minority ethnic people across all levels of elected government here, as well as the challenges to improving participation and diversity.

You can download a copy of the covering letter here

Covering Letter MME Survey Report
Download PDF • 397KB

You can download a copy of the presentation here

Presentation on Migrant & Minority Ethnic Representation (MME Team) 2023
Download PDF • 25.83MB

You can download the full progress report here

Migrant and Ethnic Minority Progress Report Feb 2023 - FINAL
Download PDF • 4.65MB

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