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African and Caribbean Community Seminar on Education

As part of a series of 2023 NIACLC activities, a seminar will be held in Queens University, Belfast on 25 February 2023 at 10:30am. The theme of the event is on Education. One of the objectives of this event is to explore educational outcomes for African/Caribbean children and students (primary school to tertiary institutions) In particular NIACLC is interested in information on: 1. Demography - number of A/C students, backgrounds, gender etc across the region 2. Data on attainment - GCSEs & A Levels - how many go on to secure a university placement if known / higher education 3. Challenges that may impact or are impacting children and students who are of African and Caribbean descent and how the educational institutions address these challenges. 4. Equality and inclusion issues with reference to different culture and values. Result gaps if known compared to the indigenous population. 5 Good practice and information on available resources for those who require additional support

In addition to the above, the NIACLC has invited a Keynote Speaker for this event; Professor Duncan Morrow of Ulster University.

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