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Northern Ireland African and Caribbean Leadership Consortium
Agility, Selflessness, Trust, Equity, Fairness Accountability

Northern Ireland African and Caribbean Leadership Consortium  (NIACLC) is a coalition of
organisations and individuals in leadership positions within the African and Caribbean
Communities in Northern Ireland.
The consortium comprises of entrepreneurs, grass root community leaders, academics,
politicians, educators, consultants and civic leaders of African and Caribbean descent.
As an agile leadership consultative forum, the consortium facilitates and supports effective
strategic communication and progressive collaborative engagement within its constituents
and between internal and external stakeholders .


Collective action and collective responsibility for a unified, agile and thriving African and
Caribbean community.


To collaboratively encourage a unified approach to tacking issues of common concern that have implications for people of African and Caribbean descent in Northern Ireland.

Objectives of NIACLE
  • Harness expertise and knowledge

  • Increase civic engagement and participation at all levels

  • Foster inclusive policy and decision making processes

  • Increased visibility as cultural and heritage assets

  • Better representation

  • Increased sense of belonging

  • Better intra and inter community understanding

  • Better collaboration and partnership work

Purpose of the African and Caribbean Leadership Consortium
  • To facilitate and support effective leadership communication within and between African and Caribbean communities and organisations.

  • To support and deliver on the ethos of collective action and responsibility.

  • To enhance an agile, unified community approach and strategic direction for the African and Caribbean communities.

  • Collective participation and communication.

  • Agility, Selflessness, Trust, Equity, Fairness and Accountability.

  • Humanity towards others - my wellness is dependent on your wellness – I am because you are – Ubuntu

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